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Ecosystems are core to success of every business, whether you are a manufacturing, sports & entertainment, media, rentals, energy or agriculture firm. Schrocken accelerates your Digital Initiatives helping you harness the power of this ecosystem.

Our Ideals

Speed to Market for your Enterprise Blockchain initiative is our key objective.

Trust and Transparency

Your ecosystem trusts you, and you trust your ecosystem partners. We abide by that, and build on it.

Private and Permissioned

We use Blockchain technology that gives you control over who joins the ecosystem. In fact, you invite each member of the ecosystem.

Excited about us ?

Start your own Blockchain program in your organization by clicking below. Bring in Digital revolution not just to your organization, but to your entire ecosystem. Seed the change. Questions? Connect with us at hello@schrocken.com.

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The Story

‚ÄčEvery stakeholder benefits from Schrocken:


Hours Saved


Documents saved


Hours Of Calling and meetings


Days to file the issue

Our Team

Fusion of Technology, Business and Innovation powered by Experience




CX Expert


Engineering Team


Engineering Team

Left to Right (Sameer, Sanjay, Suma, Harish)

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You can get in touch with us here to know more about the idea and the team behind it.

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